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Suppose there is flood or water logging in your office and your office tools and carpets are wet, then it’s a major problem for all. . When this humidity seeps into your place, it can make accommodation feel stuffy and perhaps even smell musty. To get rid of this problem various restoration tools are available. There are two major types of restoration equipment, i.e. dehumidifiers and air movers. Let’s see how it works.


They are generally a domestic device which minimizes the humidity level in the surroundings; it is because of health or easiness. Humid air is responsible for causing mold and mildew to germinate inside homes, both cause abundant health risks. Very humid climates or air makes the surrounding uncomfortable which causes excessive sweating.

For example, at a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius), one cubic meter (35 cubic feet) of air can hold about 18 grams (.6 ounces) of water. This would be a state of saturation, otherwise known as 100 percent relative humidity.

There are few characteristics features to look for in an industrial dehumidifier such as:

  • control panels should be user friendly
  • an automatic shut off feature  is there that automatically turns off the machine when the bucket is full
  • CFM or cubic feet of air per minute, is an important part as it, low CFM is suitable for small area whereas high CFM is best for big area.
  • Air filters should be washable and wheels should be there for easy transportation.

Nowadays dehumidifiers have substantial storage capacity so that it can store excess amount of water in it.

Air movers

As the name suggests air movers are specialized mechanically operated drying unit that promotes evaporation. Air movers incorporate an electric motor, fan and specially designed for drying carpet, cushion, and sub floors or structural apparatus, like, wood floors, walls etc. A mover has fan which creates high speed fan, they are similar to your household fans. It usually blows away grit or lighter items like leaves and dirt. If you want to dry up your clothes then also air movers are helpful. Air flowers have different angel settings which enables you to adjust the direction as per your requirement. They are provided with an antimicrobial protective layer. Various advantages of air movers make them the best restoration equipment without any doubt.

The wealth of features of air movers makes them without a doubt, one of the best options in restoration equipment and a worthwhile investment for any cleaning professional. So now before going to choose the best just do little bit of research work and get the perfect for you.

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